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To up skill and further educate future generations in the Sultanate of Oman to commensurate with international leaders.



To educate through contemporary and critically engaged methods of teaching in professional and personal development.

To broaden personal and professional opportunities through our team of higher education experts locally and globally. 


Access to Excellence in Education.

About Us

The mission of Ireland House is to provide high quality and professional training courses in a friendly and welcoming environment. We aim to get the best out of each individual student and give them the chance not only to improve their language skills as well as their professional abilities in the business world and to learn about different cultures and to strengthen the growing links between Ireland and other countries.

Ireland House gives you access to excellence in academic education and professional development training right here in Oman or abroad in Ireland. We bring over 50 years of experience in education from Ireland, and offers programs customized to meet your needs. Our services are suited for private individuals wanting to improve themselves or organisations wanting to skill-up or re-skill their existing or new employees.

Our courses can be scheduled at times convenient to you and delivered on site or at our centrally located offices in Ghala.

Receive from us excellence in individualised education and training solutions that will improve overall productivity, reduce cost, and strengthen the competitiveness of local employers.


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Meet the Team

Steph McQuaid

Managing Director

manages Ireland House directly in Oman with a passion for helping others access excellence to education in Oman and in Ireland. Having led higher education services for international students wanting to study in Ireland for the past six years, Steph McQuaid has pioneered education services to Ireland from Oman. She has facilitated individuals and groups with higher education services in Ireland with such success that there has been waiting lists for Ireland from the Ministry of Higher Education scholarship programme for the last four years.

Mohammed Al-Rashdi


As a native Omani who has spent five years living and studying in Ireland and seventeen years in teaching higher education, Mohammad Al Rashdi has the insight of the strengths and weaknesses of Oman's education. With his local and international understanding of curriculum development and teaching, Mohammad Al-Rashdi has been leading Ireland House with a hand-on approach.

Dané Smith

Head of Academic English Department

With a background in international relations, writing and teaching, Dané creatively combines her multidisciplinary background in her classroom and in coordinating the English language department. Her student testimonials reflect the strong focus on critical thinking she promotes in her classes. Dané has actively been teaching and developing the curriculum and content for General English, Technical Writing for Business Purposes, IELTS preparation classes, IAP Academic English and Professional and Personal Development.

Saif Al-Mawali

Head of Academic Arabic Department

With twelve years of experience in Arabic language teaching, curriculum and content development experience alongside a Masters degree, Saif is at the forefront of leading and teaching on our unique Arabic courses. For individuals and groups who want to study Arabic on a full-time basis, we offer intensive Arabic for 4 to 6 hours daily. Alternatively, less rigorous courses are also available. Saif has accumulated noteworthy testimonials from the US embassy, private students, various other language institutes and students from the ministry of education

Mohammed Al Kharusi

Higher Education Services Manager

Mohammed Al-Kharusi is a recent graduate from Dundalk Institute of Technology in Ireland and current Trainee Manager at Ireland House Higher Education Services. I am delighted to kick off my career with Ireland House and move my Irish experience to our potential clients. During my study in Ireland I became familiar enough with the Irish education system and the processes needed for international students to complete their further study in Ireland. I have experienced Irish hospitality as I stayed with Irish host families and enjoyed a memorable stay with them. I have nearly been to every corner of the country and enjoyed the amazing landscape scenes, historic castles and museums. I would be more than happy to help out students who wish to study in Ireland and facilitate their journey to Ireland. So please do not hesitate to contact me and find out more about Ireland and it is nice culture.

Ahmed Suliman

IT Development

Responsible for all internal IT development and external IT services, Ahmed Suliman, holds four years of experience in business development and IT. His passion for IT has led him to explore both IT software and hardware development, and to instruct on IT-related training courses.

Maryam Al-Hajri

Finance Officer

With an engineering background Maryam has been at the forefront of ensuring internal and external payments are made by and to Ireland House. Her versatile skills include keeping check on the legal and administrative requirements behind all business done by Ireland House. Her strong multi-tasking abilities have enabled her to progress quickly. Despite her young age, Maryam has already earned a promotion.

Our Lecturers

Justin McKeague


Being from Ireland Justin offers students with direct access to any questions they may have about studying in Ireland after their courses in Oman. With ten years of experience in IT and six years in teaching English as a foreign language, Justin has been a great asset in teaching on the long-term contracted English language programmes, and the IT modules related to the international academic programme for Business or Engineering

Shona Lawson


With over 17 years of experience in teaching English as a foreign language, Shona has refined her craft to the point of being able to address a range of student needs. Her classes are always student-centered and engaged with smiling faces. With having taught at the national curriculum level in Scotland and English language in Greece and Oman, Shona is able to teach a wide range of ages.

Michele Stayner


Having taught extensively in Australia, Japan and Oman, Michele holds more than years of experience in English language teaching. Her strong background as an acress has produced amazing results in the classroom with helping build and progress the phonetic abilities of young and adult students alike. She has bee an active teacher in our IELTS preparation courses, technical writing for business purposes.