English Language Programmes

We provide a various range of English Language Programmes for Adults & Children, to help to improve their language for work, education, immigration, ....

International Academic Programme

An Irish Certified Programme that allow the candidates to apply in for direct entry to Engineering and Business Universities, Colleges and Institutes in Ireland....

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Professional Skills Development

Help you to expand your English language to improve your work skills.....

Health & Safety Courses

Provide you with various HSE Courses to fulfill the required HSE certificates and standards for a wide range of industries, provided by qualified and certified professional trainers

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To upskill and further educate future generations in the Sultanate of Oman to commensurate with international leaders.


To facilitate language training, professional development and access to tertiary education in a friendly welcoming environment.

To educate through contemporary and critically engaged methods of teaching in professional and personal development.

Aim to get the best out of each student by facilitating them with access to excellence in education at our local office in Oman.

With Ireland House Higher Education Services has offices devoted entirely to supporting students who wish to study in Ireland, either at third level or to improve their English language.

To ensure that any student travelling to Ireland is informed and supported in every aspect of their journey.

To broaden personal and professional opportunities through our team of higher education experts locally and globally.


Access To Excellence

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